Thursday, May 29, 2014


Stuff gets broken. A few days ago as I was returning from dumping waste into the compost bin, I noticed that my beloved garden cupid had dropped his wing. As I picked up the pieces I realized that it had once been repaired. Do I remember doing that? It was the Stix All adhesive that I always use for such repairs. Don't remember the when or the circumstances of it.  I brought him onto the deck.  Bill attempted a Duco Cement repair. It didn't take.

This is the garden cupid that sits on the top of my blog. I have had him for quite a long time and have taken numerous pictures of him during various seasons. It is sad. Being broken is sad.  And having been fixed and breaking again is VERY sad indeed. I made the decesion to not  attempt another repair. Some things have served their term and need to be retired. This is very apropos of relationships also. An omen.

I cried this morning. Things that are broken and cannot be repaired are sad. Very sad indeed.

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